Model T White Collection


Virgil White of Ossipee, New Hampshire, converted the Model ‘T’ Ford, and later the Model ‘A’, into a snow travelling vehicle. During a ten year period in the 1920’s, White built and sold 25,000 of these units and patented the name “snowmobile.” Restoration Complete 12/1/2008 – THANKS GENEROUS DONORS!!! Our Model T Ford White Snowmobile was in need of a full restoration, and we needed the sled community’s help. We knew the project would be the most expensive venture we had undertaken to date. Although an exact price was not known, we could imagine it might be in the neighborhood of $5,000 – $10,000 depending on the extent of the project. We were looking for donations of all shapes and sizes and you answered with donations beyond our imagination. Some donated money, others parts, and some their time!!! New Breed Snowmobile Parts Bite Harder Whitemountain Webarts